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The Tweed Deluxe Speed Shop builds the finest Fender Tweed-era guitar amplifiers utilizing only the highest-quality new components as well as Speed Shop reverse-engineered TD58OT and TC58OT output transformers, A12Q and A10Q vintage AlNiCo speaker recreations, NOS (New Old Stock) resistors, capacitors, sockets, hardware - and vintage NOS tubes. From a stock vintage chassis to a full point-to-point 5E3-P2P combo featuring a heavy-relic cabinet, or a wild 5E3-6L6 head with 6384s to a custom Tweed-Era amplifier recreation built by Rondo to your specifications; nobody does it better. Read what customers have to say here.

USA ALL amplifiers are handmade by Rondo in Southwest Florida, USA, with American made parts. USA

July 2024: Power Champ!

The amp on the left is a Speed Shop 5F1 Tweed Champ clone, build using new and NOS components; basically a time capsule. The one on the right is a new Speed Shop Power Champ, slightly modded and outfitted with 5881 power. The stock Champ is a lot of fun to play, rather quiet (about 5 watts), and somewhat restrained in attitude. The Power Champ, on the other hand, can rip your face off! It's noticeably louder (about 10 watts) and overdrives as good (or better!) than a 5E3, and the clean tones are fantastic as well. Which is better? The stock version delivers the classic Tweed experience, while the revamped version provides response more akin to a JTM or Plexi. The choice is yours and price is the same for either. More info here. Champ vs Power Champ! More on the Power Champ: This is not your grandpappy's Champ! After months of circuit tweaking and speaker shootouts, the Speed Shop Power Champ is here. Featuring 5881 power, "contour" control, vintage-size cab and 8" speaker. About 10 watts of Rock awaits - cleans are great, too. Really fun with all guitars and no pedals are necessary. This is a serious amplifier.

June 2024: Speaker Research Continues

Speaker reconing, custom coils, cones, etc., A/B testing, Vintage Jensens...

Speaker Reconing

May 2024 - 5E3 "Eldo" Combo, Fingerstyle!

Rondo plays fingerstyle on a Gibson R0 though a new Speed Shop 5E3-Eldo combo. B12 speaker, RecPro capacitors, TD58 OT, NOS tubes, etc. Smooth transients and clipping with musical harmonic distortion.

May 2024 - 5E3 "Eldo" Revision, B12Q Speaker, Quick Demo

Quick demo of the new "Eldo" revision Speed Shop 5E3 Combo. This latest iteration represents a further refinement of the Studio-Series tuning that results in a 5E3 that works and sounds like a vintage 5E3... only better. Lightly re-arranging the stock circuit DNA (along with a couple of subtle adjustments) provides a slightly smoother transient response, while the B12Q speaker shifts the response toward the midrange (much like a vintage P12R). Great setup with a sweet spot way down on the volume dial - around "3" in this demo... with a stock Tele. Cleanish, spanky response here, yet with enough compressed "get up and go" to provide fast and smooth tracking. (Audio captures the sound in the room very faithfully.)

April 2024 - 5F4 Super, Quick Demo

Quick demo of the overdrive response of a new Speed Shop 5F4 Super by Rondo. 2022 Gibson Custom Shop 1960 Les Paul Reissue (R0). Amp is largely stock, but with some tone circuit mods to modernize the response and increase the tonal range across different guitars/pickups. Easy/liquid leads and Who's Next tight/focused rhythms. Dead quiet. About 40 watts output. Two vintage-spec A10Q AlNiCos smooth out the overdriven tone and are slightly less efficient (than modern ceramics) making the amp good-and-loud - but never earsplitting. All NOS tubes including 5881s and ST 5U4. (EL34s also sound great.) Mercury power and custom output transformer. Hand built using only NOS sockets and resistors, NOS and RecPro yellow capacitors, and the best of new production pots and switchgear. Only 38 pounds! Demo features guitar straight into the amp - no effects, pedals, or processing of the signal. Settings: normal channel, about 80% volume, 40% bass, 90% treble, presence off. I did my best to capture the tone in the room, but it's even better in person - a really fun amp!

February 2024: Just Baked!

Real deal, vintage-spec TD58OT output transformers - made by Rondo. These are just out of the oven after several hours of varnish bake out.

Oven Fresh TD58 Output Transformers - Made By Rondo

February 2024: Custom Build!

Speed Shop 5F6A Bassman mounted in a custom Low Power Twin 2x12 relic cabinet. 2x A12Qs, RPA caps, and NOS tubes (5881s) round out the spec. Really fun to play - lots of mids, great punch, and a nice round, articulate frequency response. Sounds great and the speakers haven't even broken in yet!

Bassman Chassis w/Low Power Twin Relic 2x12 Cabinet

January 2024: Happy New Year!

It's a good time for me to say 'thanks' to everyone for all the orders and support - past and present. At the moment I'm very busy and backed up quite a bit, so lead times are currently about 20 weeks for combo builds. But as usual, I am working alone and building everything personally, using the best components I can source, have manufactured, and/or make myself. I really like what I do and feel very fortunate to look forward to another great year of building amplifiers; as well as continued research and experimenting - and playing guitar! Thanks again, everyone, I really appreciate your patronage.

P2P Head Switcher!

I often find it necessary/important to compare two similar amps.

But, plugging into one amp then into the other, back-and-forth, is always problematic; as it takes a few seconds to do and it's sometimes hard to play the same exact way in each instance. Switching in and out of standby on each amp is also a hassle. Plus, it's really hard to discern critical differences in sound-and-feel when there is even a small lapse between sample performances.

Beyond that, the speakers in either amp may sound (or be) different from one another, plus your orientation to the two cabinets and the room itself can often falsely color the results, flattering one amp at the expense of the other.

So, to facilitate instant switching while using the same speaker and cab, I put together this simple passive switcher. It a/b's two amp outs into either a single speaker / or dummy load. On the other side, it will switch a guitar into either of the two amp inputs while shorting the other. Hitting both footswitches in one stomp is surprisingly easy.

To keep things quiet, I set it up to float all the grounds except that the enclosure gets grounded/shielded by way of the GTR input jack which acquires its ground from whatever amp input it's switched into. As such, the noise floor is no different then when plugging straight into an amp directly - as there is zero ground-loop hum.

All passive mechanical circuit keeps the signal paths completely straight-through with no added resistances and/or capacitances (that might otherwise confuse tonal response) and completely hand-wired (using actual wire!) point-to-point - no PC boards or traces here.

Using it for the first time, I quickly realized what a luxury it is to have this switcher; as there is no better test method (to really evaluate the differences between two amps) than to play real-time while instantly switching between them.

Amp Head Switcher Pedal
Special Build: Speed Shop "NOS" Deluxe

This is about as close as you can get to a 'new' 1958 5E3 Deluxe. Built by Rondo around an original-cone vintage Jensen P12R, with a '58 spec output transformer wound by Rondo, RecPro vintage 'Astron' capacitors, new Speed Shop '57 style chassis, Mercury PT... and of course, NOS tubes and other period bits - all housed in a twenty-year-old cab built by late guru Larry Rogers. Sounds like '58! USA

Speed Shop NOS 5E3 Deluxe
October 2023 - New Speaker: B12Q!

After months of research and testing, reverse-engineering and prototype-building, Rondo is happy to announce the B12Q speaker. The B12Q is a new AlNiCo P12Q variant designed by Rondo and built by Weber Speakers for RecPro Audio and the Speed Shop. The B12Q will be available October 1, 2023. Read more about it here: B12Q 12" AlNiCo

September 2023 - Clean 5E3 Demo by Rondo!

New track from Rondo "Cruiser". Larry Carlton Nightfly tones are featured. Two guitars, one lead and one rhythm. Setup: '68 Gibson ES-335 straight into a Speed Shop 5E3. B12Q prototype speaker. Recording chain: Shure Unidyne III into a RecPro Audio VAC tube preamp. No EQ, compression or effects. (Some reverb added to the guitar bus.)

Story goes, that for Donald Fagen's Nightfly album, Larry Carlton showed up for the sessions without his Tweed Deluxe (which he previously used on Steely Dan's Royal Scam). What amp he did initially bring is unknown, but Fagen insisted Larry get his Deluxe. He did; and that is what Larry used for all his beautiful 335 playing on Donald's amazing album.

When used for clean Blues/Jazz work, the Deluxe has a big sonic footprint and sits in the mix without any tweaking. The tone is clear, delicate, and very expressive; yet very dynamic. Very authoritative as well - with harder pick attack.

Another great example why the 5E3 is such a legendary amp!

Download the track here: cruiser.mp3

Want to play along? The amp settings are at the end of the video and you can download just the the rhythm track here: cruiser - rhythm track.mp3

Latest Build: Speed Shop "NOS" Champ

Essentially, a brand-new, 63 year-old 5F1-Champ. Built by Rondo, using NOS and vintage parts. Relic cab. USA

Speed Shop NOS 5F1 Champ
May 2023 - P2P Studio Track Demo - "Domino" by Rondo

Rondo explores the phrygian dominant mode in this studio demo of a 5E3-P2P head through a new protoype speaker. Recording chain: Shure Unidyne III into a RecPro Audio VAC tube preamp.

April 2023: RecPro Audio L-Pad

From just taking the edge off to complete bedroom levels of attenuation, the RecPro L-Pad is a great sounding and versatile tool. Built by Rondo.

RecPro Audio L-Pad
March 2023 - New P2P Studio Track Demo

Rondo demos a new 5E3-P2P Heavy Relic Build in the Studio with a vintage 335

January 2023: Update, and a Speed Shop 2x10 Bassman on the Bench

It's been a very busy several months with many amps shipping overseas and domestically - thanks everyone for the opportunity to build these amps for you. Otherwise, Speed Shop Bassmans are currently being assembled on the bench and I thought I should update the combo offering with a recent photo. Below is a Speed Shop Tweed Bassman 5F6a Dark Custom Combo featuring 2x A10Q AlNiCo speakers. Like the Speed Shop Super the Bassman will accept 5881, EL34, 6L6GC and more. Rondo's is currently running KT66s. Contact Rondo for more info.

Speed Shop 2x10 Tweed Bassman
December 2022 - Season's Greetings

Rondo takes a shot at Christmas Time Is Here by Vince Guaraldi and Lee Mendelson from A Charlie Brown Christmas

October 2022: Hurricane Ian Update

Many thanks to everyone who wrote in with concerns

We are doing fine and were very fortunate to have received only superficial damage from the storm
However our cleanup continues
Amp production will resume 10/17, but orders are being taken
Meanwhile, speaker and capacitor orders are being processed

Please consider a donation to the Florida Disaster Fund

Thanks again to all


Rondo in the studio with Gibson 335 MP3 Audio Clip  August 2022: New studio track "Willie" from Rondo

'68 335 lead guitars with some Strat and SG Junior on rhythms, also some Martin acoustic. All electrics through a Speed Shop 5E3-P2P, straight in. All guitars recorded by RecPro Audio VAC Preamp (vintage tube reproduction). Steely / Sneaker inspired. Download the MP3 here: Willie
Update July 2022: Output Transformers!

I am now personally assembling and finishing my TD-58-OT output transformers in-house, with windings supplied by a premier US manufacturer. I have also started CNC winding my own coils, and within the next few months all TD-58-OT output transformers will be 100% manufactured by me, Rondo, here in the Speed Shop. Manufacturing these transformers myself ensures that each unit is made with the correct materials to the correct vintage (1958) specs, and with consistently great performance that I can tune. This was a major R&D undertaking that I have been working on for over a year, and I'm very proud to have achieved this difficult goal. I'm pretty excited about it, as making my own transformers is a milestone in my work and represents a bit of a new era - and another step in the evolution of Speed Shop R&D.

TD-58-OT output transformers are only available with Speed Shop amps and are not sold separately.

Tweed Deluxe Speed Shop TD-58-OT Output Transformer
Speed Shop 'Dial-A-Tranny' Custom  Transformer Testing Rig
Official Tweed Deluxe Tee Shirt
April 2022 - Speed Shop 5E3 Base Combo / RecPro Capacitors / A10Q Speaker

Rondo demos a new 5E3 Base Combo with RecPro Tweed Era Capacitors & 10" A10Q Speaker. Stock 2021 Gibson SG Junior straight in.

March 2022 - Speed Shop 5F6a Bassman

Rondo demos a new 5F6a Bassman. EL34s. Stock Strat straight in.

March 2022 - Speed Shop 5F1 Champ

Rondo demos a new 5F1 Champ [heavy relic] build. LSL T-Bone straight in.

December 2021 - Quick Speed Shop Bassman Demo (Camera Audio)

Rondo demos the new Speed Shop 5F6a Tweed Bassman. EL34 Power through 2xA10Q speakers. JTM45 Tune. Stock '57 AVRI Strat straight in.

January 2022 - New Developments

Been a very busy fall at the Speed Shop with lots of work and some very cool new things happening.

RecPro Tweed-era capacitors are in stock and now available. After [too] much research and patent searches, there is finally a range of signal capacitors made available to builders that are assembled using the correct materials delivering the correct tone and response. Like all else at the Speed Shop, the reason it is created is because it does not already exist.

In other cool news, on the bench is the new Speed Shop 5F6a Bassman which is available in a 2x10 or 4x10 (A10Q) configuration with multi power-tube compatibility. This amp really rocks, and dimed with a pair of Genalex Gold Lion KT66 you're in serious early Van Halen territory. Beautiful cleans as well. Built by Rondo (JTM tuning) with all the best NOS stuff and Speed Shop know-how, this new flagship 5F6a Bassman amp is now available and built to order. The Speed Shop 5F6a Bassman is a very rare amp series offered in limited numbers.

Please note: Lead times for all amp builds is currently 15 weeks.

RecPro Capacitors
Speed Shop 5F6a Bassman Prototype
April 2021 - Introducing the RecPro Audio Vintage American Channel 'VAC' Mic Preamp

Rondo demos his new Vintage American Channel (VAC) microphone preamplifier. A boutique and faithful recreation of a vintage 1960 tube preamp console module used on countless hit recordings throughout the 1960s.

March 2021 - Studio Demo:
Genesis - It's Gonna Get Better

Genesis cover with Marcello on vocals. All Stratocaster demo! Straight in, no pedals or effects. Speed Shop 5E3-P2P head into a 5E3 extension cabinet with A12Q speaker. Heavy D!

October 2020 - Studio Demo:
Steely Dan - Night By Night

Steely Dan cover with Tony Reyes on vocals. All guitars: 1968 335 into a Speed Shop 5E3-P2P and A12Q speaker. No pedals or effects, all guitars are straight in. 12AX7 in V1 for Solos.

September 2020 - Studio Demo:
The Beatles - Savoy Truffle

Rondo plays the Speed Shop 5E3-P2P & '68 335. No pedals or effects. Great track by The Beatles lends itself to the big guitar treatment. Great vocal by Tony Reyes, thanks Tony!!!

Late August 2020 - New Video Demo: Rondo plays the Speed Shop 5F4 Tweed Super w/5881s & Stock Tele

Cranked 5F4 Tweed Super Amp by Rondo and the Speed Shop. NOS tube set featured with NOS Tung-Sol 5881 power, RCA 5U4 rectifier, 12AX7 and 12AY7 preamp tubes. 2x A10Q Speed Shop AlNiCo speakers. Amp is mildly tuned by Rondo for best tone and performance. All NOS vintage components and vintage output transformer.

P2P Combo - Byron Bay, NSW Australia

RecPro Audio customers span the globe, hailing from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Italy, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Venezuela, and beyond.

Frankie says, Speed Shop amps good. good! MP3 Audio Clip August 2020: New studio track "Wired" from Rondo

Notes: Funk rhythm guitars: Strat though RecPro Audio Tube DI / Ashley SC-50 Compressor, First lead fills / solo guitar at the fade: Strat through Speed Shop 5F4 Super, Heavy verse guitar riff (doubling the bass guitar): 335 through Speed Shop 5F4 Super, Verse guitar double stops: 335 through Speed Shop 5F4 Super, Chorus guitars: 335 through Speed Shop 5F4 Super, Solo guitar: 335 through Speed Shop 5E3-P2P, No pedals or EQ used on any guitars, all guitars are straight in , Compression, reverb and harmonizer (solos) used on the mix. Download the MP3 here: Wired
5E3-P2P Head in vintage TV Yellow

Custom hardwood 5E3 head with heavy-duty (but light-weight) dove-tail construction / hardware and TY Yellow finish with lacquer top coat.

May/June 2020: New! Speed Shop 5F4 Tweed Super / 5E7 Bandmaster

Fantastic Speed Shop Tweed Super 5F4 Heavy Relic Combo featuring 2 brand new A10Q AlNiCo speakers. This amp sounds amazing and is fitted with all the best componentry from Rondo's stash. NOS everything (where applicable) and the very best new production parts everywhere else. NOS tube set (featuring micro-matched vintage Tung-Sol 5881s available). The star of the retro show is a very rare vintage output transformer that adds the extra swagger. This new Speed Shop amp was in development for several months and is essentially a stock - but carefully tuned and dialed-in - 5F4 Super. Much more versatile than vintage/stock while retaining the great Tweed cleans, but with a JTM45-style overdrive that was always in its DNA waiting to be set free. Big, bold, and in-your-face 5F4 Tweed Super / 5E7 Tweed Bandmaster tone. You can truly get lost for hours playing this Super with every guitar, pickup selection and guitar/amp settings. The Speed Shop Super will accept 5881, EL34, 6L6GC and more. Currently running EL34s @ 42 watts RMS. One-off custom build prototype (featured in the demo videos and photo below) is available. Also taking new orders. Contact Rondo for more info.

Speed Shop One-Off 5F4 Tweed Super
Tweed 5F4 Super w/EL34s / 40 Watts - Stock Strat

Stock Strat clean neck to heavy bridge pickup tones.

Tweed 5F4 Super w/EL34s / 40 Watts - '68 335

Stock '68 335 bridge pickup (patent sticker), amp dimed.

June 2020: RIP Paul "Tonka" Chapman, June 9, 1954 - June 9, 2020

Paul Chapman died yesterday - it was his 66th birthday. Very sad. He was a really nice guy and a truly great player who will remain an inspiration to many. I was in his band and lived with him (and Cheryl) over the summer/fall of '84 - between his stints with UFO and Waysted. Lots of laughs and fun and work with him. I'm proud to have known and played with Paul. We never knew him as "Tonka," so... Ta, Chappy!

Paul Chapman
February 2020: Rich Williams of Kansas!

Hanging with Rich Williams and Zak Rizvi from Kansas. Rich is a Speed Shop P2P Combo owner and a total gear head! (Also a very nice guy.) Great gitbox players and a great band! Terrific Point of Know Return show!

Rondo with Rich Williams and Zak Rizvi from Kansas
February 2020: Tracking with Obie!

Rondo working out acoustic guitar parts with [the legendary!] Obie O'Brien, in Ob's beautiful new Sanctuary III Studio, located somewhere on the foggy country moors of wintry Pennsylvania!

Rondo in the studio with Obie O'Brien
MP3 Audio Clip February 2020: Cool new studio track from Rondo, featuring all '68 Gibson 335 parts (with a few '57 AVRI Strat fills in the 2nd verse) through a P2P head (stock 6V6GT power) and A12Q speaker. No pedals or effects (a little reverb in the mix only). Guitar straight into the amp, SM57 straight into the recording system. The P2P is dimed and channels jumpered. Download the MP3 here.

Lukas Nelson - Touring with his Speed Shop P2P Combo

Lukas toured in 2019 with his Speed Shop P2P Combo opening for Zac Brown Band (The Owl Tour) and The Rolling Stones, as well as a part of Neil Young's live band (including Farm Aid). He also headed out on The Last Waltz tour (with Warren Haynes). Check out Lukas (with his '56 Les Paul Jr. and Speed Shop P2P Combo) and Promise of the Real covering CSN’s “Carry On” Live in Howard Stern’s Studio in the video below. Great player! Great band!

Rondo Talks About the Tweed Deluxe Speed Shop

Rondo of RecPro Audio's Tweed Deluxe Speed Shop discusses his philosophy regarding building the finest Fender Tweed-Era Deluxe amplifiers and introduces his new 1958 Tweed Deluxe output transformer reproduction and A12Q AlNiCo vintage Jensen speaker recreation.

Tweed Deluxe Volume and Tone Control Demo

Rondo of the Tweed Deluxe Speed Shop demonstrates how the controls on a 5E3 Tweed Deluxe operate and interact.

New: 5E3-6L6 with EL34 and 6384 Capability

New P2P Head for use with EL34 / RCA 6L6GC / Bendix 6384 power tubes! This chassis will accept any of these valves and more! More info here.

Second Video of the New EL34 / 6384 Amp.

New P2P Head for use with EL34 / RCA 6L6GC / Bendix 6384 power tubes! This chassis will accept any of these valves and more! More info here.

What Customers are Saying...

"I have been playing it nonstop lately and I am loving the myriad of tones I get out of this thing! I'm enjoying noodling around on it so much in fact that I find myself stopping to sit down and play in the mornings before work now too. I can't thank you enough for building me the P2P Deluxe Combo. I can honestly say that I enjoy playing the amp more and more, each and every time I use it. I have some other vintage style amps that I enjoyed playing through; but while they sound great and all, the tone on your Deluxe absolutely destroys them, hands down! The amp sings man!" - J. K.

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SM57TL Mic on Snare - Recording Basic Tracks at Ocean Way Recording, Nashville. Nice Room!

Ocean Way Studios, Nashville

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