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Alan's Vintage-Series Tweed Deluxe

I purchased a chassis from Ron and RecProAudio in the spring of 2010.

I had never met, nor have I met Ron in person, but his knowledge and love for the subject matter in our initial emails led me to believe he was the ONLY one I could trust to provide the chassis I was looking for.

Ron helped me locate NOS tubes, Jensen P12Q speaker, parts for my cabinet, and offered advice that went above and beyond the normal expectation of an internet transaction. The amp itself arrived with everything I expected and more! Diagrams and instructions on putting the chassis into my cabinet and then many emails of useful information after i had the amp rockin... Ron is an amazing guy who has a passion for the Deluxe, I'm not sure you'll find anyone with as much knowledge and experience on building a QUALITY, 5-Star Amp.

This is no cheap repro, it is a pro, custom, boutique style chassis which will blow your mind when you first plug in. From amazing clean Fender Strat to hard crunching Les Paul riffs, this amp does it all.

Thank you Ron... I've found the amp of my lifetime.

Calgary, Canada

Alan K's Tweed Deluxe

Alan chose to have a cabinet built for him by a professional carpenter. An excellent job.

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