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Kustom Art Amplifiers
Flames Kustom Amplifiers: "Lead Sled"
One-off works of Art inside and out, Kustom Series Amplifiers embody the Speed Shop's ultimate self-expression and creativity.
Dennis Wilson, Two-Lane Blacktop

Rondo's personal demo!

Inspired by the 1971 film Two-Lane Blacktop and its custom 2 door post '55 Chevy gasser hot-rod, Lead Sled is a Speed Shop Kustom 2x12 Combo designed and hand-built by Rondo. Shot in primer by our good friends at S&D body shop and appointed with Lexan rear panels (thanks Mike!) and vintage Caddy and 'Vette hardware. Lead Sled features a relic'd Speed Shop Studio-Series 5E3-P2P-6L6 chassis and is loaded with (1) vintage Jensen C12N and (1) Oxford 12T6 speaker.

Power comes from a full NOS tube complement consisting of [SS] GZ34, RCA 6L6GC and RCA 7025s.

Our buds @ Mercury Magnetics supplied the uprated power transformer for cool and reliable high B+ service.

Vintage output iron.

NOS components everywhere else.

Lead Sled can also be powered by NOS RCA 5U4GB rectifier and vintage Tung-Sol 5881 (6L6WGB) output tubes. 5Y3GT and 6V6GTX can also be utilized, as well as a 12AY7 (6072) in V1.

Inspired by late '60s & early '70s American Hot-Rod Kustom Kulture, Lead Sled is a one-off functional art piece and the newest member of the Speed Shop Kustom Amplifier Portfolio.

Chassis: Studio-Series 5E3-P2P-6L6.

How does it sound? Outrageous! Loud and punchy. Spot on frequency response with plenty of midrange and overdrive on tap. Great with Strats, Juniors and 335s! Big brother to the 5E3.

Video coming soon.

One of one, signed by Rondo. Price: Inquire (Serious Inquiries Only Please).

Lead Sled Speed Shop Kustom Amplifier
Lexan Rear Panels
GZ34 & RCA 6L6GCs
Rat Rod Primer Finish
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